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Reporting Sexual Violence & Sexual Assault

JHU is committed to insuring that students, staff and faculty feel safe in reporting sexual assault or other sexually violent offenses. There are several ways to file your complaint. Choose the method that feels most comfortable for you.

Contact Campus Security

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to promptly report sexual assault to the security department of their primary campus or 911.

Homewood Campus Security

Johns Hopkins Medical Institute Security

Peabody Security

For Security assistance at all other JHU campuses, please call Homewood Security at: (410) 516-7777, and you will be provided with the requested contact information.


File a Complaint Online

Use the online form to officially file a complaint through the Office of Institutional Equity. Once submitted, your complaint form will be reviewed by an investigator at the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE), and you will be contacted for a follow up discussion.

File a Complaint Online Form

What happens when a report is made to the Title IX Coordinator? 

Contact JHU’s Title IX Coordinator

All complaints against students, staff and faculty may be filed through JHU’s Assistant Vice Provost/Title IX Coordinator. Students are encouraged to contact or meet with the Coordinator in person.  JHU’s Title IX Coordinator, Joy Gaslevic, JD is reachable at: (410) 516-8075. Ms. Gaslevic's office is located on the Homewood campus in Baltimore: 3400 North Charles Street, Wyman Park Building, Suite 515.

Questions regarding the University Policy and Procedures and any questions concerning Title IX should also be referred to the University’s Assistant Vice Provost/Title IX Coordinator, Joy Gaslevic, JD, and/or Linda Boyd, JD, Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

The University‘s disciplinary process may also be initiated by bringing a complaint of sexual violence to the attention of a Dean, department chair or director, faculty, supervisor, divisional personnel office, administrative officer, coaches, Office of Student Life, resident assistants, teaching assistants, offices of student affairs, and other University officials. Those officials are required to refer complaints to JHU’s Title IX Coordinator for further review.

Certain University employees, like the ones listed above, have an obligation to respond to reports of sexual violence, even if the individual making the report requests that no action be taken. An individual’s request regarding the confidentiality of reports of sexual assault or harassment will be considered in determining an appropriate response; however, such requests will be considered in the dual contexts of the University’s legal obligation to ensure a working and learning environment free from sexual assault and harassment and the due process rights of the accused to be informed of the allegations and their source. Some level of disclosure may be necessary to ensure a complete and fair investigation, although the University will comply with requests for confidentiality to the extent possible.